What is ReadyMap Tiles?

ReadyMap Tiles is a pre-tiled, worldwide collection of satellite imagery and elevation data that is ready for immediate use in virtually any environment.

Data preparation is a labor-intensive, expensive task. We can help. ReadyMap Tiles is a cost-effective, plug-and-play service for anyone who needs a worldwide base map without the cost and effort of becoming a GIS expert, sourcing data, and spending weeks or months creating a usable geospatial dataset.

Take a Look

Here is a preview of ReadyMap Tiles. Use your mouse to zoom, pan, and tilt.

About the Data

Getting the Data

Preparation and delivery of the ReadyMap Tiles dataset is subject to a one-time fee, its use is subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined below. The data is packaged on an external USB3 hard drive. The service is currently available to US customers only.

Terms & Conditions

To use this dataset, we require that you:

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